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'm a simple guy..and hate publicity. so think twice before making me friend or posting any comment in my blog. Inspite of all this, i got some damn good friends who play a vital role in my life. i am reserved,and do not reply when i am off my mood. i do not deserve anything, still my friends gift me a lot with their love. i am really thankful to them. i love technology. other than friends and family, i give my time to studies, yeah...i am doing ,Hardware Networking , SEO ,Visual Effects. And believe in understanding things. i love COmpUter (technology ). i love to learn, and i am here to learn things. Anu.Love

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Farid Kaaley maindey kaprey,kaala mainda wais,Gunahan Bharehan main pheraan,Lok kahain dervish

Laden with my load of misdeeds,I move about in the garb of black garments.And the people see me and call me a dervish.